Immigrated to America at the age of 13, I began my entrepreneur training in my family’s restaurant. From washing dishes, waiting tables, to cooking; from managing staff to negotiating with vendors; from firing and putting out fires inside and outside of the family, I've experienced the tears and joys of growing up in a family business.


Upon finishing my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA), I returned to my native land and worked in the garment industry in Hong Kong and China. During this time, I experienced firsthand how business was conducted in a developing country; that ‘what you know’ could only get you into the game. But in order to ‘win’ the game of business, one must also rely on ‘who you know.’


As technology and production proliferate, where consumers can practically acquire anything they want (at the right price), I realized that marketing is the last differentiator in any industry. The ability for a product/service to standout from the competitions has become more difficult. And it is through the consumers’ recognition of a product/service’s unique contribution(s) to their lives that profits is made. This led me onto the path of studying of great marketing, both inside and outside academia.


During the years at the University of Maryland (College Park, MD), studying for MBA in Marketing, I worked as a store manager for Starbucks Coffee. At Starbucks, I came to understand how an idea could become a cultural icon, in an industry as matured and saturated as coffee.


With my MBA in hand, I continued my education in marketing by pursuing a graduate level study in Christian Theology at Capital Bible Seminary (Lanham, MD). Not only was I interested in the basic tenets of the Christian faith, I was fascinated by the spread of the movement. How could a 30-something carpenter, from a little town, not formally educated, create such a movement that has not died in 2,000+ years? And Christ did it without the help of Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. No videos on YouTube, and no one StumbledUpon Jesus Christ.


By combining my business and religious convictions, I became a senior leader at Capital Bible Seminary. During my 8 years with the institution, I have been the business manager, Chief Financial Officer, and a Special Assistant to the President. While profit was not a motive in higher education, financial discipline and marketing know-how were just as important in a non-profit organization as in a for-profit corporation.


Today, I actively studies and applies lessons from marketing geniuses of today and yesteryears. By combining strategies and tactics from the online and offline world, I am the marketing secret weapon for local merchants and professionals, leading them to more customers and profits in less time. In my spare time, I often preaches and pastors small local churches; helping members to better understanding God through everyday life.