Gigantic Postcards

Bigger Bang for Your Bucks!

Postcards have been around for a long time. We see it every day in our mailboxes. The trick is to catch the homeowners’ attention BEFORE the cards reached the recycle bins. That’s where the Giant Postcards shine!!

It stands out in the mailbox…



Homeowners cannot help but to see it… 9x12-in-Mailbox


It’s literally a billboard in the mail!


But there is one BIG problem with sending out giant postcards: POSTAGE EXPENSE!


Besides graphics designs & printing cost, postage expense is the biggest line item. The USPS postage rates have increased every year in the last few years.


Most business owners know that postcard marketing works, but it is just too expensive to run them.


That’s where our Giant Postcards Co-Op comes into play!


The offer is very simple: we share the card, and split the cost.




You can design and mail out your own small 3×5 postcards, like this:




…and send them to a quarter mile radius




Or, for the same cost, you can join our co-op, and send this…












…to homes in a one-mile radius!



You get more attentions
…from more households
…and stretch your dollars further.


Give us a call now at 972-302-9188 or email us at, and join our co-op today!


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Google Wants To Give You FREE Money


Google My Business is a free business listing. It's free advertising. Every business needs to take advantage of Google's generosity.

As shown in the case study video, these dentists can certainly brand themselves better by utilizing all the features Google gives them.

Action Steps:
1–claim and verify your business page
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3–post relevant news and tips
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